Live Music

The Holy Knives Tour Kickoff

When: Sat., Feb. 10, 9 p.m. 2018

OK, so when these guys showed up on the scene a few years ago, I thought to myself, “Greaaaaat, another indie rock band that sounds like everyone else.” And while I was probably just sipping way too much Haterade that day (I was, and I’m sorry), this five-piece have grown into an outfit that showcases their stellar creativity throughout their entire catalog, which in turn has made them a local favorite. Formerly known as Levees, The Holy Knives are kind of your archetypal indie rock band, but we don’t throw bands in this section of “shows to check out” if we didn’t think they’re worth your time. While, sure, The Holy Knives could easily show up on a mix next to bands like [insert your favorite indie rock band you discovered last week on Spotify] they’re just different enough to set themselves apart from the herd of new bands flooding your music channels. Their songs are a touch psychedelic, slightly melancholy and contain enough pop melodies to get you singing along (their new single “Every Day” is actually stuck in my head as I write this); it’s not over-produced, definitely more rock leaning than pop, and when their debut EP Ritual Bloom comes out this spring, make sure to grab a copy.

Price: $5