Live Music

The Janoska Ensemble

When: Fridays-Sundays. Continues through March 26 2017

What is Janoska style? Steeped in classical musical since boyhood, the ensemble surely draws on instrumental traditions passed down in the family from father to son. Yet it is unlikely that any earlier generation could so uniquely and fluidly combine the classical canon with the music of the present day. Each of the group’s members is an award-winning virtuoso in his own right; together they form a chamber Dream Team. They don’t hide their individual styles; they let them shine. As the work on their CD attests, they are equally comfortable riffing on Paganini with dueling violins playing the original score and an improvised jazz variation, taking a Johann Strauss waltz and mixing in strains of czardas and Balkan folk tunes or composing an original rumba that harkens back to Mozart.