The Most Puro San Antonio Things That Happened This Year 

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What can we say? We look forward to all the puro shit y'all do. Here's a collection of some puro AF stuff that happened this year that we wanted to revisit.
OF 24
Those towing fees ain't no joke. Read more.
Beto really knows how to make people show up. Read more.
This is why we love the South Side. Read more.
Y'all already know she's living her best life. Read more.
Name a more puro medal. We'll wait. Read more.
This mama must really want some grandbabies. Read more.
Fiesta Janie and all her tips are seriously the epitome of puro. Read more.
Just couldn't a rope, huh? Read more.
Ok this might have happened in Corpus, but this is pretty damn puro. Read more.
If you like something, you write a rap song about it. Read more.
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We discovered an on-demand puro snack track this year. Our lives haven't been the same since. Read more.
Does "puro" have its limits? You decide, San Antonio. Read more.
It would be pretty un-puro if we didn't honor Manu. Read more.
She really went for it. Read more.
Being puro means never ever renting a moving truck. Read more.
It turns out Eleven is pretty puro. Read more.
It would've been more puro if he was really tryna get tacos (just not at Jack in the Box). Read more.
As long as its paired with a barbacoa taco, why not? Read more.
Of course this happened at a Chacho's. Read more.
There ain't nothing like a San Antonian scorned. Read more.
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Y'all are ridiculous. Read more.
This is what happens when you're puro and a dumbass. Read more.
Being puro doesn't end when you leave San Antonio. Read more.
The love for Hot Cheetos is unreal. Read more.
Those towing fees ain't no joke. Read more.

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