The Most Puro Things That Happened in San Antonio This Decade 

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While we may not have noted every single puro thing that's happened in San Antonio over the last 10 years, we've highlighted some of more eye-catching happenings. Here's a look at some of the most puro things we've caught this decade.
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People may not want to admit it, but "fight at Chacho's" absolutely screams San Antonio. Read more here.
If you're puro, you get it. Read more here.
Being puro means never, ever renting a moving truck — no matter how big the job is. Read more here.
This dude is seriously a GOAT for pulling this off. Read more here.
We just can't get enough. Read more here.
This is why we love you, San Antonio. Read more here.
Sometimes all you need is a shot of the good stuff. Read more here.
After folks were disappointed by the City Edition Spurs jerseys, puro peeps came through with these inspired designs. Read more here.
When he was still trying to be our senator, Beto O'Rourke's 2018 campaign included a stop in San Antonio. And said stop featured a performance from Intocable, likely to prove he's a man of the people. Read more here.
While Whataburger and Bill Miller Bar-B-Q are not as puro as we'd thought (it's been a tough year, after all), H-E-B has stayed true to the 2-1-0. Just take these mango chamoy cookies as proof of their loyalty. Read more here.
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South Side, represent! Read more here.
But are they wrong? Read more here.
Y'all already know that San Antonio girls don't fuck around. Read more here.
While lots of Fiesta medals can get pretty puro, this one may just take the cake. Or shall we say bag of Hot Cheetos and cheese? You get the point. Read more here.
More like pot rellenos, si? Read more here.
Our puroness (that's a thing, right?) knows no bounds. Read more here.
Folks may not get tattoos of NBA coaches in other cities, but it's a totally puro move here in the Alamo City. Read more here.
While dancing with a beer on your head while out on the St. Mary's Strip isn't a rite of passage, it's just undeniably puro. Read more here.
Behind every mattress and box spring you see on the side of the road, there's the puro SA folks who thought they were good on transporting said materials. Here's a look at how some locals lost their furniture. Read more here.
You know, puro in the sense that we love creepy shit. Read more here.
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Saldaña knows what's up. Read more here.
Not even abuelito was safe from this fight. Read more here.
San Antonio moms, am I right? Read more here.
He always comes through with his designs. Read more here.
Chicken-on-a-stick is delicious in all its forms — even as rolled ice cream. Or so we assume. We'll leave the choice up to y'all. Read more here.
Honestly, we shouldn't be surprised given the location. Read more here.
If you quit on SA, we quit on you. Read more here.
This is laughable, but seriously y'all... we could use the extra walking. Read more here.
Sure, the ghost tracks urban legend has long been debunked, and work in the area has made the whole phenomenon not a thing (your car won't stop anymore), but we'll forever believe and claim this puro tale. Read more here.
Behold, the annoying, dumbass part of "puro." Read more here.
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Our love of Hot Cheetos knows no bounds, obviously. Read more here.
Open since 2014, TJ's Snack Delivery brings puro snacks to you — literally. This is why we love San Antonio. Read more here.
Rolling Rey's is always keeping it puro — just take this barbacoa and Big Red combo as all the proof you need. Read more here.
If you can even call this one a fight. It was pretty lame tbh. Read more here.
We're still laughing about all the crazy shit Fiesta Janie suggested. She's a real one. Read more here.
If you love something, you write a rap song about it, right? Or at least if you're puro. Read more here.
Krispy Kreme may be a national chain, but they can respect that San Antonio likes what it likes. The donut chain has come through with a special Big Red donut. Don't knock it 'til you try it. Read more here.
Nostalgic puro is the best kind of puro. Read more here.
People may not want to admit it, but "fight at Chacho's" absolutely screams San Antonio. Read more here.

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