The Most Puro Ways to Propose in San Antonio 

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Thinking of popping the big question to your one-and-only? Why not go the puro route then? If your boo is down for the Countdown City, they'll definitely say yes if you propose with the puro culture in mind. Here's a few suggestions.
OF 21
While going honking after the Spurs win
Bonus points if y’all are in the back of a truck with a huge Spurs banner in tow.
Photo via Pinterest / Ruthann Hildebrand
When your S.O. is barefoot with dirty feet during Fiesta
If you don’t love your partner at their most sucio/a, then do you really love them?
Photo via Instagram / haaannnn_23
In the back of a truck with way too much crap stacked in the bed
The more crap in the truck, the more puro. Your boo will love it when y’all undoubtedly make the news.
Photo by Sarah Martinez
While testing out the ghost tracks urban legend
Yes, the urban legend is debunked. But if you and your boo love all things spooky, there isn’t a better place to pop the big question.
Photo via Instagram / rulypondio4life
During “Down in the DM” on The Dana Cortez Show
Imagine it: you’ll have them thinking you’re cheating and then BAM! You’re engaged.
Photo via Instagram / danacortezshow
Rushing the court after a Spurs game
Hop past security and pop the question on the court – and be prepared to have some explaining to do. (Or you can do so during the Kiss Cam for a safer route.)
Photo via Instagram / spurs
Writing out “Will you marry me?” in conchas
You’ll have conchas for days afterward, which sounds like the perfect start to any union.
Photo by Jessica Elizarraras
While in line for barbacoa and Big Red at your favorite molino
Imagine how excited all the abuelitas will be when they see you get down on one knee.
Photo via Instagram / alanisgood
In front of the “I Love Tacos So Much” mural
Because tacos are the foundation of any successful marriage in the Alamo City.
Photo via Instagram / nicole_stelter
Hiding the ring inside a carscarone
Crack it on their hand, act surprised that there’s something other than confetti inside, and then drop down on your knee.
Photo via Instagram / mxbowlbakery
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While sharing a bag of Hot Cheetos
If there isn’t Hot Cheeto dust on their fingers in the snap showing off the ring, are you even from San Antonio?
Photo courtesy of Frito-Lay
Dedicating a “heartbeats” shoutout to them on 98.5 The Beat
Especially if your one-and-only is incarcerated, what would be more perfect?
Photo via Instagram / thebeat985
While doing last-minute shopping at H-E-B the day before any major holiday
You’ll definitely have an audience to gush over this super Texan spot.
Photo via Twitter / erin_nichols
Hiding the ring inside a paleta
Just make sure it’s their favorite flavor.
Photo by Jessica Elizarraras
With help from the Spurs Coyote
There’s so many options, and you know the Coyote is down for a good time.
Photo via Instagram / spurscoyote
While dancing all ratchet at Brass Monkey
Go back to the bar where y’all first got trashy together to celebrate your puro love story.
Photo by Jaime Monzon
With the ring tied to a chicken-on-a-stick
Or somehow hide it inside the jalapeño? Just make sure they don’t choke.
Photo via Instagram / devicedoctor
Hiding the ring inside a piñata
Just make sure some kid doesn’t scoop it up.
Photo via Instagram / pinyatay
While two-stepping at Floore’s
Country folks will want to have their romantic moment out on the dance floor. Expect a bunch of beer to be consumed when your amor says yes.
Photo via Instagram /floorecountrystore
After getting plastered on a margarita
Sure, your beloved might not take you seriously, but drinking together means staying together.
Photo via Instagram / ritasontheriver
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When the Dallas Cowboys win the Super Bowl
If you’re not actually trying to propose, this is a great way to make sure it never happens (or at least not for a long time).
Photo via Instagram / dallascowboys
While going honking after the Spurs win
Bonus points if y’all are in the back of a truck with a huge Spurs banner in tow.
Photo via Pinterest / Ruthann Hildebrand

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