Special Events

The NoSleep Podcast

When: Sun., March 4, 7 p.m. 2018

“Brace yourself for The NoSleep Podcast” host/showrunner David Cummings’ deep voice cautions at the beginning of an episode of the popular horror show. The downloader is about to hear terrifying tales delivered in character by voice actors and punctuated with creepy ambient sound effects and unsettling musical cues (with potentially upsetting topics flagged with helpful trigger warnings), but fans of more traditional theater might get the shivers at the idea of a stage show adapted from a podcast adapted from a forum on the sometimes-dicey reddit.com. But take heart, gentle listener, for NoSleep — web 2.0 trappings and occasional NSFW language aside — is really a throwback to the covers-over-your-head radio horror anthologies like Inner Sanctum, Lights Out and The Witch’s Tale, often recorded live for broadcast years before TV took viewers to The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits. Hundreds of thousands of listeners tune in to hear NoSleep’s tales of evil incarnate, but by introducing so many ears to a new generation of horror writers and helping save the short story from extinction, Cummings’ and co. are really doing the Lord’s work.

Price: $22.50