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Buttercup’s latest release, The Head Sits Upside Down on the Top of the Head, is the third and finest installment in the group’s trilogy of EP releases over the last year. The nine-track CD delights in its many eccentricities, which include abrasive, distorted vocals on “Blackwater”; a Japanese recitation on “Sleep With Me”; Erik Sanden’s audio-vérite request for more headphone volume on “Mom’s Love”; and a music-box snippet on the closing “Happi Box.” The band celebrates the disc’s release with a Saturday, February 9, show at one9zero6 Gallery (1906 Flores St.) with Hyperbubble. Showtime is 9 p.m. ...

Nostalgic hip-hop heads can catch up with some of the scene’s most influential acts when the Old School S.A. Hip-Hop Jam invades Rock Bottom Tattoo Bar on Sunday, February 10, at 6 p.m. Featuring SA hip-hop legends Twice The Power, 3rd Dimension, Rukus, and DJ Trini B, the show presents a positive contrast to a pair of recent incidents — the murder of local rapper Mike T and the drug-related arrest of Bexar County Boyz honcho Billy King — that have wrongly affected some people’s perceptions of Alamo City hip-hop.