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If you’ve ever wondered what Minor Threat would have sounded like with bagpipes and mandolin, Flatfoot 56 might not provide a satisfactory answer, but this Celt-obsessed Chicago Oi! punk quartet probably gets as close as you’re liable to find in this lifetime.

With rampaging anthems such as “City on a Hill” and “Brotherhood,” this veteran band also suggests what happens when soccer hooligans become recording artists, as evidenced by the barking, smash-a-bottle-on-your-head pseudo-brogue of Tobin Bawinkle.

Taking a break from the recording of a followup to the 2007 album Jungle of the Midwest Sea, Flatfoot has embarked on a North American tour with British punk pioneers the Business. On an off night from that tour (and on the eve of a stop in Houston), Flatfoot will sneak into SA for a Saturday, May 23, show at White Rabbit (2410 N. St. Mary’s), along with the sure-to-be-delightful UK warhorse Cock Sparrer and Austin’s Lower Class Brats. Showtime is 8 p.m. Tickets are $22 at, and $25 at the door.