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Sunday, December 6, Chicano bluesman Randy Garibay will be honored at the Blanco Ballroom (3719 Blanco Rd., 7 p.m.-midnight, $8-$10, (210) 827-3600 or 673-0612, or you can also get tickets at Janie’s Records at 1012 Bandera).The bands paying respects to the man will be Sauce González & the Westside Sound (celebrating their 23rd anniversary) with the West Side Horns, and Ernie Garibay & Cats Don’t Sleep. “El Gato Negro” Rubén Ramos (who recorded Garibay’s signature “Barbacoa Blues”) will be a special guest, and Urban Urbano (Garibay’s drummer for 17 years) will be there as well. The Randy Garibay Legacy Fund will present an award to San Anto, the late Manny Castillo, and Commerce Street bridge lead muralist David Blancas for their contributions to the artistic and musical life of the city. Photos of the mural and an assortment of Garibay merchandise will be sold at the Ballroom to benefit San Anto. An extra reason to be there: The day after, December 3, will be Garibay’s birthday. “So every year in early December, we want to honor his memory and celebrate his life,” said Ernie, Randy’s younger brother. This will be the first Randy Garibay Holiday Dance and Tribute, and we’ll be there. — Enrique Lopetegui