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The Tejas delegation's FISA vote


In case you were wondering how the Texas delegation voted on the FISA "reform" compromise now winging its way to the Senate, here's the tally from (where you can find the entire voting record, too:

No Vote    TX-1    Gohmert, Louis `R`
Aye    TX-2    Poe, Ted `R`
Aye    TX-3    Johnson, Samuel `R`
Aye    TX-4    Hall, Ralph `R`
Aye    TX-5    Hensarling, Jeb `R`
Aye    TX-6    Barton, Joe `R`
Aye    TX-7    Culberson, John `R`
Aye    TX-8    Brady, Kevin `R`
Aye    TX-9    Green, Al `D`
Aye    TX-10    McCaul, Michael `R`
Aye    TX-11    Conaway, K. `R`
Aye    TX-12    Granger, Kay `R`
Aye    TX-13    Thornberry, William `R`
No Vote    TX-14    Paul, Ronald `R`
Aye    TX-15    Hinojosa, Rubén `D`
Aye    TX-16    Reyes, Silvestre `D`
Aye    TX-17    Edwards, Thomas `D`
Nay    TX-18    Jackson-Lee, Sheila `D`
Aye    TX-19    Neugebauer, Randy `R`
Nay    TX-20    Gonzalez, Charles `D`
Aye    TX-21    Smith, Lamar `R`
Aye    TX-22    Lampson, Nicholas `D`
Aye    TX-23    Rodriguez, Ciro `D`
Aye    TX-24    Marchant, Kenny `R`
Nay    TX-25    Doggett, Lloyd `D`
Aye    TX-26    Burgess, Michael `R`
Aye    TX-27    Ortiz, Solomon `D`
Aye    TX-28    Cuellar, Henry `D`
Aye    TX-29    Green, Raymond `D`
Nay    TX-30    Johnson, Eddie `D`
Aye    TX-31    Carter, John `R`
Aye    TX-32    Sessions, Peter `R`

It looks like Representative Charlie Gonzalez kept his word, even though it was lonely standing up for spy-com accountability. “I’ve never been for `retroactive immunity`” he told the Current, in February, and it's gratifying to see him stick to his guns, especially since AT&T, the telecom most publicly associated with the illegal wiretapping thanks to a whistleblower, has been a Gonzalez $$ supporter. “We ask individuals to be accountable for their actions — they’re not granted immunity ... When you have liability, it produces responsibility.”