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Republicans Clean Up Nov. 4; Leticia Van de Putte Runs for Mayor of SA

In yet another banner midterm election for Republicans, the GOP maintained its control of the top state leadership positions as well as the Texas Legislature. State Sens. Wendy Davis and Leticia Van de Putte, two Democrats at the top of the ticket running for governor and lieutenant governor, fought tough battles against their Republican opponents, and despite the efforts of the well-funded Battleground Texas, turnout among Democratic voters was actually lower than in the last midterm election. Locally, few Bexar County area Democrats kept their seats or won their elections, with the exception of Bexar County Commissioner Nelson Wolff and District Attorney-elect Nico LaHood, who will replace Susan Reed.

After her loss to Houston Republican Dan Patrick in the race for lieutenant governor, Van de Putte quickly shifted gears, resigning from the Texas Legislature and formally jumping into the local mayoral horse race, which until her announcement only had one horse: State Rep. Mike Villarreal. Now, the two Democrats who have represented San Antonio in the Legislature for years (but have a history of just-under-the-surface tension) are duking it out on their home turf while Representatives (and Democratic frenemies) Jose Menendez and Trey Martinez Fischer vie for Van de Putte's seat.