There are an abundance of CBD brands on the market these days. Some are more popular than others and some are known to be more reliable for different reasons. But how do these well-known CBD company’s products shape up when you compare them directly to one another?

We are going to break down some of the most popular and favored CBD brands with direct product comparisons. See how the brands you already love rank when they are put side by side.

Direct Product Comparisons: Charlotte’s Web vs Endoca


One of the most popular methods of CBD use for pain relief is through a topical application. Whether its lip balm, lotion, or a CBD there are a lot of options on the market. Both Endoca and Charlotte’s Web have topical options. Below we compare Charlotte’s Web Hemp Infused Balm 150mg with Endoca Hemp Salve 750mg. Let's begin by determining the difference between a balm and a salve; although they are very similar, most would agree that a balm sits on top of the skin because of its harder texture, while a salve absorbs into the skin and is generally a softer texture.

Charlotte’s Web Hemp Infused Balm 150mg



This hemp infused balm comes in a half ounce tin container, and carries 107.2mg of CBD. When tested the actual CBD amount in the container was slightly lower than stated on the label. The balm is $14.99, making it out to be $0.15 per milligram of CBD.  It passed both the solvent and pesticide test but did have a small amount of THC present. If you are concerned about drug tests, this is something to consider. Overall we award this CBD balm a 54 on our Expert Scoreboard. Charlotte’s Web has a balm for canine’s as well as larger tin of this balm.

Endoca Hemp Salve 750mg



This hemp salve comes in a one ounce container and has 682.08mg of active CBD, just under the label statement. There is also a significant amount of THC, coming in at 30.24mg per one ounce. This Endoca salve also contains 31.59mg of CBC, another beneficial compound of cannabidiol. Because of the high CBD content in this salve it is a really good value and smart CBD purchase. The price of Endoca Hemp Salve 750mg is reflected in  its quality, coming in at $82. With an Expert Score of 86, this is out #1 rated product in the Best CBD Salve category.

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Edibles come in many shapes and forms and have a variety of potencies. Choosing the right form of edible as well as the correct dose is important to getting the benefits of CBD. Charlotte’s Web and Endoca have some form of edible that is popular among many CBD buyers, let's see why.

Charlotte’s Web Raspberry Hemp Extract-Infused Gummies 10mg



These tasty gummies rank a 69 Expert Score with 449.14mg CBD per package and 38.77mg. The claimed CBD amount per package is 600mg, so it is significantly less than stated. However the presence of CBC and the 15.51mg of THC do ensure the product is Full Spectrum CBD. These gummies cost $54.99 a pack but do offer free shipping. When it comes to bang for your buck, these raspberry gummies are an acceptable and reliable option.

Endoca CBD Chewing Gum 150mg



This CBD chewing gum is one of our favorite “edible” products. With an Expert Score of 90, this product contains 205.02mg of CBD per package. According to the label each stick of gum has 15mg of CBD. These peppermint flavored treats also have 1,94mg of CBN, 6.34mg of CBC, 1.66mg of CBG and 15.32mg of THC. Endoca Chewing Gum also passed both the solvent and pesticide tests. This product is definitely full-spectrum as it does host a slightly “hempy” taste. Overall, we highly recommend Endoca and its chewing gum.


CBD capsules are a popular way to orally consume CBD without getting any of “hemoy” aftertaste that can accompany other edible forms. Because it is a capsule, you also have the ability to be very sure of the dose you are getting. Endoca and Charlotte’s Web have a capsule option for you to try.

Charlotte’s Web Liquid Capsules 25mg



These liquid capsules have an Expert Score of 69 and have a whopping 876.21mg of CBD per container. These capsules passed the solvent and pesticide tests and are full-spectrum. There are 26.68mg of THC, 10.72mg of CBG and 57.5mg of CBD. This product is a great value for the amount of CBD you get, justifying the $94.99 price tag. If you are ordering in a hurry, do consider the shipping time as it tends to be longer than stated.

Endoca Raw Hemp Oil CBD Capsules 110mg



These CBD capsules test just under the label claim and do contain a significant amount of THC. With 257.13mg of CBD per package, you are paying $0.15 for every milligram of CBD, with the full pack ringing in at $31. There are 18.64mg of THC and no presence of CBG or CBN like most other Endoca products. We still give an Expert Score of 80 because these capsules still have high quality and are a good value purchase.

CBD Oil / Tincture

CBD oils and tinctures are probably still the most popular for of CBD. There can be various forms of extraction for CBD oils and this will determine the potency and quality of the product. Compare the two most popular CBD oils from Charlotte’s Web and Endoca to see what is best for you.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Isolate 20mg


This is a good choice for a reliable CBD oil purchase. Charlotte’s Web CBD Isolate has 782.81mg of CBD, which is actually more than the label states! This product also has no THC present, which makes it a very safe choice for anyone with drug test concerns. All the labels claims are correct, which does not happen all too often in the world of CBD and cannabis. We rank this CBD isolate oil with  a 68 overall Expert Score.

Endoca Raw CBD Oil 30mg



One of our favorite CBD oils we highly recommend is the Endoca Raw CBD Oil, ranking 3rd overall in our test history. This oil contains every major cannabinoid with 256.22mg of CBD, 13.88mg of THC, 3.8mg of CBN, 7.95mg of CBC, 6.64mg of CBG. Being a full-spectrum product with flying colors on all tests, this oil is an incredible value for the $31 price point.

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