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View from Above

When: Sun., March 18, 4 p.m. 2018

Perspective is a powerful but tricky thing. It’s powerful in that it can entirely alter our understanding of our own lives and/or facets of them, and it’s tricky in that it often falls into the category of the unknown. National Geographic’s View from Above, a book that has evolved into a traveling talk accompanied by stunning visuals, is all about fostering perspective. Sunday’s presentation, which will be delivered by NASA astronaut and former International Space Station (ISS) Commander Terry Virts, specifically looks to inject perspective into our view of Earth and the life on it, including our own. As Virts takes attendees on a journey through breathtaking stills and videos (many of which he himself captured) from the ISS, the effect is sublime: a mix of awe and feelings of smallness. Viewed from above, the thesis goes, it’s impossible not to see all life on Earth as deeply interconnected and overwhelmingly beautiful. The hope is that perhaps this perspective can help foster a strong sense of global togetherness and environmental stewardship.

Price: $20-$45