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1. Catherine Lee

There's no such thing as a quick read of Catherine Lee's résumé. Aside from ringing in at a jaw-dropping 2,467 words, it highlights a professional art career that's so far encompassed everything from early group shows in New York City (circa 1979) to a solo exhibition at the Irish Museum of Modern Art (in 2005). Represented in an intimidating number of public collections (including those of The Tate Modern in London and New York's Museum of Modern Art), Lee's wide-ranging works in sculpture, painting and ceramics were showcased in Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum's 2014 exhibition "Emergence." Also last year, Lee stepped in as curator for (fellow Best of San Antonio winner) Cinnabar's two-part exhibition "Memory & Forgetting." This year sees the art star, educator and former karate champ mounting solo shows in Denmark, Germany and France.

2. Jason Oakes

3. Analy Diego

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