"Visualizing the Pure Land: Images and Imagination in Buddhist Practice"

When: Fri., June 16, 6-7 p.m. 2017

In conjunction with the San Antonio Museum of Art's new exhibition "Heaven and Hell: Salvation and Retribution in Pure Land Buddhism," Trinity University professor and East Asian cultures scholar Randall Nadeau discusses Pure Land Buddhism — an ancient spiritual practice based on the belief in the Buddha of Western Paradise, Amitabha. This cosmological system of multiple heavens, hells and various gods spread from China throughout Korea, Japan and nearly all of Eastern Asia. Based on the counterbalance of good and evil, Pure Land Buddhism clearly designates its heavens for the good and dooms evil-doers to immeasurable misery in hell. Professor Nadeau offers his expertise on the subject in a lecture focusing on the development of Pure Land schools in late Tokugawa Japan as well as East Asian spiritual culture, life, and life after death.

Price: $5-$10