Live Music

Warren Hood, Walk Wilkins, Guy Forsyth

When: Thu., Jan. 1, 12 p.m. 2015

Gruene Hall welcomes the new year with their annual Hair of the Dog celebration (according to the U.K.-based site Phrase Finder, the term “the hair of the dog” is derived “from the medieval belief that, when someone was bitten by a rabid dog, a cure could be made by applying the same dog’s hair to the infected wound). On his 2013 debut Warren Hood Band, the Austin singer tries out a blend of classic rock and Americana, with accents of violin throughout. SA native Walt Wilkins plays in the tradition of ’70s country rock with excellent harmonies on his new album Plenty. Guy Forsyth’s mutton chop rock, delivered on a plucking slide guitar, could easily have been sourced from a forgotten field recording from the famed Lomax family.

Price: Free