What You Missed at the Leighton Whittington's 'Collection Quatre' Fashion Show 

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Local fashion designer Leighton Whittington took over Brick Saturday to debut his latest works, Collection Quatre. Influenced by the late ’70s and early ’80s, the new collection of daytime and nighttime looks draws inspiration from bygone eras and, like all of Whittington’s past work, from women.

“A woman should be able to put on whatever she wants and take pride in her ability to take over her own space and time without worrying about anyone else. I’ve been thinking lately about how Chanel freed women and Yves Saint Laurent empowered them. I like to think of what I’m doing as the same — freeing and empowering women because I legitimately love them,” Whittington said.

Photos by JPL PRO - Julián P. Ledezma
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