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“Where Birds Go” — Ledaswan


Full disclosure: Ledaswan’s guitarist is Jaime Monzon, web coordinator for the San Antonio Current. Before you cry nepotism, though, realize that we’ve held off writing about this track since we started this feature, partly because we didn’t want to seem like we were playing favorites, but also because it isn’t fair to the band that so many people will claim we’re recommending this song just because we’re so absolutely, utterly dependent upon Jaime to keep our website running. But as a music fan, would you rather us tell you about this track — a cheery rocker that’s actually carried by Erica Gutierrez’s dreamy vocals and Delrick Colwell’s tight drum work — or withold it like selfish record misers just so a few people won’t call bullshit? That’s what we thought. Please direct all complaints to the comments section of our website, where they don’t even have to pass through Jaime’s gatekeeping first.

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