Where to Find the Most Over-the-top Snacks in San Antonio 

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Over-the-top as in decked-out as in perfect for... say, I don't know, the munchies perhaps? Happy snacking, San Antonio.
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6565 Babcock Road, (210) 641-2888, facebook.com/kuma.satx
While there’s plenty of raspa joints here in the Alamo City, Kuma serves as a premiere spot for Asian-inspired treats. Here you can score ice cream served in Hong Kong waffles, complete with creative scoop flavors and toppings.
Photo via Instagram / kuma.satx
El Amigo Snack
100 W Theo Ave, (210) 530-8461
This South Side snack stand can be easy to miss given its size, but one visit and you’ll remember the flavors here. All types of elote, chicharrones and conchitas are available, as well as cold treats like mangonadas, raspas and milkshakes. You’ll have a hard time deciding, but consider this a good spot to visit if you’re serious about your snack options.
Photo via Instagram / rycore
Wicho’s Mexican Deli
1110 N Zarzamora St, (210) 396-7539, wichosdeli.com
Head to the West Side and let Wicho’s satisfy every snack craving you could ever have. On top of Mexican grub and burgers, Wicho’s also serves up traditional ice cream treats and smoothies, plus all the flashy treats you know and love. You’ll seriously feel at home here.
Photo via Instagram / wichos_deli
Aloha Shaved Ice Fruit Cups And More
11761 Blanco Road, (210) 994-9002, facebook.com/AlohaShavedIce
With a Hawaiian theme inside, you can expect Aloha to take you to your island oasis. Of course, you can expect cold treats like shaved ice, fruit cups and even a Sandia Loco that will have you salivating from all the Tajin you add. But there’s also classic snack stand treats like corn in a cup, because this is San Antonio after all.
Photo via Instagram / simplelifeofb
The Dogfather
6211 San Pedro Ave, (210) 481-4272, facebook.com/thedogfathersa
Thankfully the Dogfather survived the year of hot dog restaurant closures, so that means you can get a variety of dawgs for every mood. Savory, spicy and more flavors await you here for when you want something super extra.
Photo via Instagram / sanantoniomunchies
Chamoy City Limits
2809 Broadway St, chamoycitylimits.com
Chamoy City Limits is a puro AF truck – just take the name as proof. With special events and pop-ups around town (at Feliz Modern and O.P. Schnabel Park), this truck keeps the Tex-Mex treats from raspas to chili coming. Thankfully so, ‘cause they are super tasty.
Photo via Instagram / chamoycitylimits
Munchies Shakes, Snacks and More
2211 NW Military Hwy, (210) 636-0597, munchiesnacksa.com
With a name like Munchies, you can expect all the snacks here to hit the spot. From Mexican cold drinks to decked-out desserts and snack foods that will have you breathing heavily, the snack game is taken seriously here.
Photo via Instagram / munchiesnacksa
Big Daddy's Eats And Treats
228 E Cevallos St, (212) 724-2936, facebook.com/BigDaddysEatsTreats
Completely stacked to the point that you’ll wonder how you’ll ever finish this snack (and you will – every time), the treats at Big Daddy’s are big like the name says. With cold treats topped high with drizzles, candy and various treats, these colorful delicacies will truly hit the spot every time.
Photo via Instagram / bigdaddys210
Multiple locations, chachos.com
When hunger strikes and you’re completely shit-faced, where will you go? Chacho’s, of course! Though it has a certain reputation, Chacho’s comes through with wildly greasy nachos that are literally dripping in cheese. Grab your buddies and go all in on the monster-sized nachos to cure your hunger.
Photo via Instagram / alliecausey
Las Nieves
Multiple locations, facebook.com/lasnievesfruitcupssa
A classic for puro snacks, Las Nieves is a dependable spot for nieves, raspas, fruit cups y mas. No matter what you order, you can get it topped with spicy and sour additions that make these treats all the more authentic.
Photo via Instagram / jazzysauce24
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The Pigpen
106 Pershing Ave, (210) 267-9136, thepigpensa.com
If you find yourself especially hungry during brunch, your best bet is to hit up the Pigpen – though you’ll definitely have a wait. Do yourself a favor and visit any other time and let the loaded nachos take care of your need for delicious grub.
Photo via Instagram / the_pigpen_bar
El Tropico
3534 Fredericksburg Road Suite 1, (210) 736-1560, eltropicoicecream.com
Perfect for cold treats like ice cream, shaved ice and milkshakes, El Tropico is also a prime spot for bionicos and chilindrinas. Decked-out nachos made from Tostitos, Hot Cheetos and conchitas are also available, so treat yourself to both flavor profiles if you please.
Photo via Instagram / irenesplanit
Philly’s Phamous Cheesesteaks
2301 San Pedro Ave, (210) 621-8908, facebook.com/PhillysPhamousItalianIce
Sure, pretty much everything on the menu at Philly’s is decked out enough that it’ll hit the spot when you have an antojo for some bomb ass food. Consider the fries your best though, especially the bacon cheese ranch option.
Photo via Instagram / phillys_phamous
Rolling Rey’s
Multiple locations, rollingreysicecream.com
Homemade hand-rolled ice cream is a treat all on its own. But then you can have it your way with your choice of toppings and extra bits that make this dessert completely over-the-top. The result is delicious no matter what route you go – whether chocolatey or nutty or fruity or even savory. You can choose from a number of signature rolls or create your own if you’re so inspired.
Photo via Instagram / rollingreyssa
Sanchos Cantina & Cocina
628 Jackson St, (210) 320-1840, sanchosmx.com
Though perfect for indulging in beer and frozen drinks, Sanchos also comes through with its bar food. Don’t worry, it’s actually tasty here. You honestly can’t go wrong, but take it from us that these stacked nachos are a favorite for a reason.
Photo via Instagram / safoodienetwork
Barrio Barista
3735 Culebra Road, (210) 519-5403, barriobarista.coffee
Okay, so not all of Barrio Barista’s menu is super stacked. But one item that is, is the prime selection – the Westside Special. A barbacoa grilled cheese sandwich with avocado and complete with a cup of tomato basil soup. Yes, this is what dreams are made of.
Photo via Instagram / stine.eats
Los Cocos Fruteria Y Taqueria
1502 Bandera Road, (210) 431-7786, loscocosmexicanrestaurant.com
A double threat with puro snacks and Mexican offerings, Los Cocos should always be on the shortlist for when you get the munchies. Get your fill of tacos, then score a Mexican-inspired fruit cup with chamoy, Tajin – whatever you like! And you can enjoy it all on the patio, which makes for a great way to spend the afternoon.
Photo via Instagram / franktheref
Helados Aranda
Multiple locations, facebook.com/heladosaranda
This growing family-run chain (it has two locations and a dedicated following) knows what it’s doing with its snack game. A variety of ice cream flavors – including an arroz offering – are up for grabs here, as are raspas, fruit cups, paletas and puro snacks. They may not be super over-the-top in aesthetic, but they are heavy as heck and super filling.
Photo via Instagram / MorganHallSmith
Lucy Cooper’s Ice House
16080 San Pedro Ave, (210) 462-1894, lucy-coopers-texas-ice-house.business.site
A lot of menu items at Lucy Cooper’s are delicious as heck, but one over-the-top selection that will satisfy your hunger will always be the Tin Can Nachos. Housemade tortilla chips are stacked in layers and topped with refried beans, queso, taco meat and pickled jalapeños. Half the treat is removing the tin can and seeing this goodness ooze out in front of you.
Photo via Instagram / lucycoopersicehouse
TJ's Snack Delivery
Serving the Far West Side, (210) 441-6161, facebook.com/tjssnackdelivery
Though you’ll have to be in the service area to score from this puro AF ice cream truck, TJ’s brings the decked-out treats to you. Expect all the classic snacks like mangonadas with lucas and chamoy as well as raspas complete with ice cream and all the other treats you like. All you have to do is order, and this blessing of a truck will make its way to you.
Photo via Facebook / Tj's Snack Delivery
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6565 Babcock Road, (210) 641-2888, facebook.com/kuma.satx
While there’s plenty of raspa joints here in the Alamo City, Kuma serves as a premiere spot for Asian-inspired treats. Here you can score ice cream served in Hong Kong waffles, complete with creative scoop flavors and toppings.
Photo via Instagram / kuma.satx

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