Special Events

World Aids Day 2021- Closing Ceremony

When: Wed., Dec. 1, 12 p.m. and Tue., Dec. 7-11 p.m.

Support and social non-profit organization Living Positive San Antonio (LPSA) will host the closing ceremony “A Celebration of Life” on Tuesday, December 7th, 2021, from 7 pm to 9 pm at Woodlawn Pointe Auditorium located at 702 Donaldson. The celebration is free and open to the public with refreshments and snacks after the performances. Panels of the AIDS Memorial Quilt will be on display from 12 pm December 1st – 11pm December 7th. The AIDS Quilt celebrates the lives of people who died of AIDS and helps bring support and healing for those living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Price: Free