Micky Avalon

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Release Date: 2008-01-02

Mickey Avalon has an unusual aspiration: to be the Johnny Holmes of hip-hop.

The man born Yeshe Perl has created a persona for himself (whether real or imagined) as a Jewish-American gigolo, a corrupt hustler who’ll take your drugs and your money and give you the sleaziest night you ever had.

Because his delivery so obviously mimicks the young Beck of Mellow Gold, it doesn’t take long for Avalon’s shortcomings to reveal themselves. Anyone who makes booty references by rhyming “Honda” and “Jane Fonda,” a full 14 years after Sir Mix-a-Lot claimed that turf with “Baby Got Back,” is not overflowing with originality. And aside from the electro-pop of “So Rich, So Pretty,” he’s working with some seriously pedestrian beats.

Avalon’s admirers like the way he straddles the line between hip-hop and underground rock and the unabashed, nasty decadence of his stories. Some even see him as an elaborate satire, though it’s not quite clear what he might be poking fun at, aside from his own ego. His dick-hop only generates a few laughs when he gets to the real point, on the final song of his 2006 self-titled Interscope debut album: “My dick plays on the double-feature screen/ your dick went straight to DVD.”

It’s nice to know that Avalon is so proud of his assets, but, unfortunately, his dick can’t write songs for him. With Bob Schneider. 7pm Mon, Jan 7, $20 (21 and up), $25 (18-20), Cowboys Dance Hall, 3030 NE Loop 410, (210) 646-9378.

— Gilbert Garcia

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