Ultraviolet & Punk Bunny

Release Date: 2008-03-26

There’s a steady buzz surrounding fiery frontwoman Sarah Hudson and for good reason — once she takes hold of you, she’ll never let go. L.A. quartet Ultraviolet (right) pumps out addictive, electro-dance rock that demands you shake it. Since completing their first EP, Fast, Cheap and Out of Control, last summer, the collective has been pushing people out on the dance floor as they build a fan base, and San Antonio’s next in line. The night’s value is boosted tenfold for the electro-conscious with Punk Bunny’s addition to the bill, promising dirty guitars, dance-club beats, and disco flavor. Slip on your pink socks and accessorize — the night of high energy and brazen fashion from these dance-rock rousers promises to bring out the scene’s who’s who. $3/8, 9pm, Atomix, 1902
McCullough, (210) 733-3855.