Schoolhouse Rock Live!

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Release Date: 2008-05-14

Oh, I’m sure you remember those Saturday mornings, waking up early and singing along: “As your body grows bigger/ your mind grows flowered/ it’s great to learn/ ’cause knowledge is power.” Those were the days, when our only function was “hooking up words and phrases and clauses” ... and of course, downing a bowl of Fruity Pebbles while tuning into Schoolhouse Rock. Well, folks ... brace yourselves, the Magik Theatre brings back the cast of Schoolhouse Rock Live! with a few additions — new songs including “Victim of Gravity” and “The Tale of Mr. Morton.” It’s not only a treat for kids, but a great learning tool for teachers — check out their site and download their study guide to use in the classroom. $2-$10, Tue-Fri 9:45am & 11:30am, Fri 7pm, Sat 2pm, through June 7, Magik Theatre,
420 S. Alamo, (210) 227-2751,