I Was Raised on Matthew, Mark, Luke & Laura

I Was Raised on Matthew, Mark, Luke & Laura
Composer: PAS/CAL
Label: Le Grand Magistery
Release Date: 2008-09-17
Rated: NONE
Media: CD
Length: LP
Format: Album
Genre: Power pop

Only mildly less delayed (if far less famous) than Chinese Democracy, the first full-length record by PAS/CAL arrives six years after their debut EP and at least three years later than it was first promised to fans. If it lacks a track with the immediate unforgettability of “The Bronze Beached Boys (Come On Let’s Go)” from that first release, I Was Raised still marks them as a crew of over-the-top poppers with more in common with the New Pornographers than their home town of Detroit. Falsetto vocals carrying more than a whiff of subversiveness beneath their beauty deliver rhymes like “they’re out to destroy us / no one in their right mind is gonna employ us,” but plentiful touches of irony don’t taint the blissy sweetness of music for Belle & Sebastian fans who want their guitars a bit more amped and their tunes a bit less fey.