Sounds Eclectic: The Next One

Sounds Eclectic: The Next One
Label: KCRW
Release Date: 2008-09-24
Rated: NONE
Genre: Indie Rock

Around these parts, Austin’s KGSR dominates the market for collectible various-artist CDs of on-air live tracks. But with that series of sold-out discs focusing more on aging singer-songwriters than newcomers, there’s plenty of room for others to fill the niche.

Sounds Eclectic, from tastemaking Santa Monica station KCRW, plants its feet much more firmly in the future, going so far as to highlight some artists — the Robyn Hitchcock-ish Stoney, for instance — who are practically unknown, and others whose careers took off months after this comp’s lineup was set — like the Ting Tings, whose “Fruit Machine” appears here in a version quite different from that on their infectious debut We Started Nothing.

Adding star appeal is a low-key take on “I Summon You” by Spoon and the Oscar-lauded heart-tugger “Falling Slowly” by the Swell Season. Unlike many similar discs, which come as premiums for members or must be bought at local brick-and-mortars, this one (which benefits the station) can actually be found on Amazon.