Live at Shea Stadium

Live at Shea Stadium
Composer: The Clash
Label: Epic
Release Date: 2008-10-15
Rated: NONE
Genre: Recording

“Rain’s a load of rubbish,” Kosmo Vinyl says, introducing the only band that matters to an apparently drenched audience. “Don’t worry about rain.” And the crowd — contrary to the story that the Clash, an odd choice to open for the Who, nearly got booed off the stage on this night in 1982 — screams and cheers. And why shouldn’t they? This set captures the Clash at their commercial peak, featuring material from their self-titled debut to Combat Rock. Opener “London Calling” starts at a quicker pace, maybe the only real indication that drummer Topper Headon has been recently replaced. For fans, the show is revelatory, at last condensing the Clash’s varied career output into what should be impossible for a band that punkified everything from reggae to rockabilly — a unified sound. “I Fought the Law” fits with “Rock the Casbah,” and the melding of “Magnificent 7” with “Armagideon Time” is nothing short of amazing. What’s a little rain?