Composer: Bloc Party
Label: Atlantic
Release Date: 2008-10-29
Rated: NONE
Genre: Recording

Think of Bloc Party as the British Killers — yes, the Brit-poppy Killers are actually from Las Vegas — in that both quartets have successfully melded Brit dance pop with American-ready arena rock. But whereas the Killers have showcased an ability to stray from the norm — their first two LPs could not be more different in sound — Bloc Party seems content to ride the wave of electro dance rock.

For the most part, that formula works on the 11-track Intimacy, the band’s third studio release. While up-tempo efforts like “One Month Off,” “Better Than Heaven,” and the seizure-inducing “Trojan Horse” offer nothing new for Bloc Party faithful, the band excels on more melodic offerings (most notably “Biko” and “Halo.”) This album isn’t likely to spawn much of a new fan base for Bloc Party, but it will — at the very least — satisfy those already intimate.