Composer: Dungen
Conductor: Dungen
Label: Kemado
Release Date: 2008-11-19
Rated: NONE
Format: Album
Genre: Psychedelia/Space Rock

The aptly titled fourth album from Dungen expands beyond garage-stoner jamming into full-blown jazz movements washed in waves of intelligent psychedelic rock. Gustav Ejstes, Dungen’s mastermind, takes a small step to the side this time around, supplementing his vocals with more piano and flute, but his signature whine-twinged voice still propels the band’s most concentrated effort to date.

“Samtidigt 1” is an explosion of vintage Hendrix-esque guitar riffs and intense percussion, a celebratory twist in the album’s circuitous grace. Many of the other songs, such as “Satt Att Se” and “Maleras Finest,” flow more gently, yet the element of pop glints in the musical stream, wonderfully reminiscent of the glory days of vinyl. Though the lyrics are lost in translation, these Swedish groove rockers once again take the listeners on a swirling journey.