Release Date: 2008-12-31

Unit B has canceled this weekend’s hotdogs-and-vodka closing for Smoke & Mirrors `see “That Voodoo that you do,” December 3, 2008`, but Saturday evening’s not lost: you can gyrate to the trance-inducing power of fusion belly dance (Vavavoom, Zombie Bazaar, and what’s billed as a final appearance by SA’s Poisonbelly, with Sullen Serenade) at the opening for the San Antonio Craft Mafia’s January show, Phantasmafiosa. The visual-arts portion of the evening will include Myriam Lanau’s mixed-media series inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Patti Hinkley’s nekkid dolls, Stef Cmielewski’s ceramic work, and Laurel Gibson’s photo series, “Bathrooms from Pipe Creek to San Antone” (above), which documents our secret life in the stalls on three-ply Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Bathroom Tissue. 6-10 p.m. Saturday, January 3, 2009, FISHEAD Design Studio & Microgallery, 1028 N. Flores,