Britto Tours America

Critic's Pick Release Date: 2009-01-07

It’s not every day that “Monumental Sculpture” graces the Great White North(side), but from January 8 through February 1, 12 ginormous Pop confections by famed Brazilian-cum-Floridian artist Romero Britto will hold court at the Village at Stone Oak shopping complex. Britto, whose work has been hailed by the New York Times as “virtually explod`ing` with warmth, optimism and love ? Matisse channeling Picasso,” and derided by Miami Herald art critic Elisa Turner as a “commercial, flashy and warmed-over version of Pop art,” leaps over the high art/low art frontera like a hyperactive second-grader, celebrating love, kitty cats, and tropicalia. Remember the discotronic palm trees and kaleidoscopic inflatable alligators during the Halftime Show of Super Bowl XLI? That’s Britto. He’s also done the requisite Absolut ad, portraits of Ted Kennedy and Gloria Estefan, and is the state of Florida’s Ambassador of the Arts, having singlehandedly branded Dade County in his outsized, vividly colored creations.