Gretchen Goes to London

Gretchen Goes to London
Composer: King's X
Conductor: King's X
Label: Molken Music
Release Date: 2009-01-07
Rated: NONE
Genre: Rock/Pop

Local King’s X fans who were disappointed when the band’s scheduled December 21 show at Jack’s Patio was canceled (by the venue), can get a fix of the band’s electrifying live power with a new limited-edition DVD from their May 6, 1990, show at the Astoria in London. Guitarist Ty Tabor has also released a new solo album, making this a bountiful holiday season for fans.

Taken from the band’s world tour in support of their acclaimed second album, Gretchen Goes to Nebraska, the DVD features 10 songs from the band’s first two albums and shows the band at an early peak. The packed London crowd goes bonkers, recalling the vibe at grunge/alt-rock shows from the same era. The sound quality is a bit subpar in comparison to the crystal clear sonics of new modern releases like the Smashing Pumpkins’ If All Goes Wrong DVD. But this show was recorded 17 years earlier, when technology was not as evolved, so give the band a pass. The performance is smashing.