Composer: Franz Ferdinand
Conductor: Franz Ferdinand
Label: Sony
Release Date: 2009-02-04
Rated: NONE
Genre: Recording

Franz Ferdinand creates most of its catchier songs with the same formula — a combination of the timeless Pixies loud-soft dynamic and the now-outmoded dance-tinged punk rock. Despite Tonight’s occasional upgrade to the currently stylish punk-tinged dance rock, the trick’s been repeated so often that at this point the wires have become visible. Opener “Ulysses” benefits from blippy electro-buggery, and it’s hard not to love singer Alex Kapranos’s simplification of the trials of Homer’s hero (or perhaps Joyce’s Leopold Bloom): “I’m bored — c’mon let’s get high.” The album’s middle section (excluding scorching eight minute “Lucid Dreams” and cool-down addendum, “Dream Again”), however, could be safely interchanged with deep-album cuts from either of the band’s two previous releases, and only the sound engineer could tell for sure. And ballad-y acoustic closer “Katherine Kiss Me” was better three years ago, when it was about the chick from Fiery Furnaces.