Never Better

Never Better
Composer: P.O.S.
Conductor: P.O.S.
Label: Merge
Release Date: 2009-02-11
Rated: NONE
Genre: Recording

Never Better’s opener “Let It Rattle” bites a line off Nas (“They’re out for presidents to represent them”), then quickly spits it out, demanding, “You really think a president will represent you?” practically pronouncing the “Yes We Can” era dead in the womb. P.O.S. is so damn angry and cynical he has to combine “punk rock” with acidic rapid-fire hip-hop to express it. “Punk rock” gets quotes here so you won’t be misled: P.O.S. name-checks philosophically similar Fugazi, but his definition of “punk rock” seems to begin at Bad Religion. The result sounds at its best like an unhinged MC spitting over Keith Moon-inspired drum solos and noise-rock tape loops (“Purexed,” “Drumroll,” “Got Smokes”), and at its worst like Linkin Park with a dude who can actually rap (“Goodbye”).