Tight Knit

Tight Knit
Composer: Vetiver
Conductor: Vetiver
Label: Sub Pop
Release Date: 2009-03-18
Rated: NONE
Genre: Recording

The scent of patchouli is all over Vetiver’s fourth album. So is the smell of fresh country air, weed, and Cheetos. The San Francisco group, anchored by Andy Cabic, is so laid back, it makes Fleet Foxes sound like Mastodon. Tight Knit doesn’t stray far from the post-hippie folkie template: soft voices, delicate arrangements, gentle acoustic songs about rolling seas and the edge of the forest. Cabic is a pleasant enough singer, gliding over his songs like they are a wisp of smoke. Occasionally, he even sounds like George Harrison at his drippiest. “More of This” picks up the pace a little, and horns punctuate “Another Reason to Go.” But most of Tight Knit coasts along a stream of acoustic guitars, hand percussion, and slender melodies that don’t express much more than “Take it easy, man.”