Trinity Cameron Lecture - Charles Krauthammer

Release Date: 2009-03-25

Charles Krauthammer is credential-heavy: former psychiatrist, speechwriter for Vice President Walter Mondale, and Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist. He comes to Laurie Auditorium for the Cameron Lecture series. Krauthammer has made a name for himself for coining various phrases — “Democratic Realism,” “Reagan Doctrine,” and “Bush Doctrine” to name a few. (Liberals had good fun ridiculing Sarah Palin for not knowing the Bush Doctrine, but really, can anyone make sense of the mess of the last eight years?) Krauthammer’s phrases seem new but the promotion of democracy  through war (or is it war through spreading democracy?) is nothing new. With neo-conservatism on its last gasp, we’re interested to see how Krauthammer moves forward. Free, 7:30pm, Laurie Auditorium at Trinity University, (210) 999-8406