Art Opening: Private Idaho

Release Date: 2009-04-01

Artist Kimberly Aubuchon loves Mr. Potato Head and cares not who knows it! Her soft sculpture installation exhibition at Three Walls Gallery will host many creative felt iterations of the tuber-rific hero and his underground cronies, a slice of universal/common mythology she developed while in the Ox-Bow artist’s residency in Michigan. Call Aubuchon’s potato period a meditation on childhood ephemera, deem it an investigation into the soft, pathetic, and “real” as opposed to consumer-slick highbrow “objets.” Call it a continued departure for Aubuchon into the realms of the 3-D after developing a rigorous and iconoclastic computer-drawing technique … just don’t call it “po-tah-to.” 6-8pm Apr 2 & 6-9pm Apr 3, 106D Blue Star Building B. (210) 219-1562 or (312) 375-1871.