Kenny Chesney w/Miranda Lambert

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Release Date: 2009-04-29

What is it about former Nashville Star finalist Miranda Lambert’s brand of country? The 25-year-old East Texas native doesn’t really even play crit-friendlier alt-country or cosmic country or Americana or ’70s-era Hee-Haw country, mind you, but contemporary, Clear Channel country, but she still merits mention among the Pitchfork types who don’t ordinarily touch hayseed with a 10-foot pole. Maybe it’s her willingness to undercut the Toby Keith-worthy sentiments of “Famous in a Small Town” with
Mayberry-smackdown “Dry Town,” or her faithful cover of Emmy Lou Harris’s cover of “Easy From Now On,” or the fact that she straight-up drops the b-bomb (“bitch”) on “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” Or maybe it’s even some shit off Kerosene, the Grammy-nominated hit album Amazon tells me Lambert released before 2007’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend got those favorable nods from the Pitchforks of the world and announced to indie-snobs everywhere that it was safe to turn the radio dial back toward the right. (n.b. — Some guy named “Kenny Chesney” is scheduled to play afterward.) $20-$89.50, 8pm Fri, May 1, AT&T Center, 1 AT&T Center,