Art Opening: grays and blues

Release Date: 2009-05-20

Lawrence Markey presents five oil paintings by Rudolf de Crignis (1948-2006) entitled grays and blues. Each painting is on a 30x30 inch square canvas focusing on grays, and, yes, blues (aquamarine to be specific). At first glance the paintings seem monochromatic, but are in fact an accumulation of more than sixty layers of paint. For example, the gray paintings were achieved without ever using the color gray. Make no mistake, the approach is quite rigid and intimidating, yet there is life beneath the surface. For some, this approach could be considered a mastery of the craft; for others, it’s a cry for help. We imagine you’ll have a strong opinion as well. Free, 5-7pm, Lawrence Markey, 311 Sixth Street, (210) 228-9966, for info.