Mexicans at Night

Critic's Pick Release Date: 2009-07-22

“Mexicans at Night” isn’t the title of an upcoming horror film produced by Lou Dobbs (pause for laughs), but an indie-pop-tinged blues-rock duo from El Paso. Some of the influences are similar, but Mexicans’ straightforward two- and three-minute songs seem an almost intentional antithesis to the legacy of El Paso’s At the Drive-In (which split to form Sparta and the Mars Volta). With Alex “Al Rocka” Alvarez on drums and vocalist-songwriter Rafa Pistola on bass and guitar, Mexicans at Night don’t try anything too fancy, but they don’t need to, either. The ethereal vocals on “Habits” require only a few notes of slide guitar to propel them into the stratosphere, and Pistola’s anachronistic masculine swagger on “Content in a Tent” — “It takes a hard-living man that could undertake a chick like you” — could sell the song a cappella. The Farm’s relaxed backyard-party vibe couldn’t be better for this show.