San Antonio and Houston Throwdown

Critic's Pick Release Date: 2009-07-29

In H-Town’s corner, we’ve got Nibiru, whose “Visions of a Terminal Reality” injects the prototypical grindcore death rattle with a nearly imperceptible bit of sci-fi mysticism; Battle Rifle, which gets a few bonus points for its Houston-rap-inspired song titles such as “No Love for Dem Triflin’ Ass Hoes” and “Death Ta False Screw!!!”; and anti-capitalist Dissent, whose “Altar of Consumerism” and “Execute the Executives” would’ve gotten them blacklisted in the McCarthy-era ’50s, if their actual sound didn’t get them burned at the stake first.

And representing our own Countdown City? No less than Ballgag (“20-inch Rim Jobs,” “Buffalo Bitch Steamroller”), Crotch on Fire, above, (“35 Year Old Dry Heaves”), and Vaginal Bear Trap (“Urethral Intercourse,” “Piss Drunk on Menstrual Blood”). This is like inviting the Houston Rockets to town for an exhibition game then packing the Spurs roster with Viking serial rapists. Place your bets, gentlemen.