Sisters Morales

Critic's Pick Release Date: 2009-12-29

Maybe this sounds like a self-contradictory statement, but describing your band as the “female Los Lobos” takes some juevos muy grande, so when the Sisters Morales describe their sound as such, it should tell you at least as much about their attitudes as it does the sort of music they play. Lisa and Roberta Morales do in fact play the sort of country -blues-Latin-rock mashup you’d expect from a band influenced by (and who’ve shared a bill with) those hugely influential Tex-Mex carnivores, but what’s crucial is they’ve got the sort of globe-conquering confidence required to play it right. “I want an umbrella drink, and then I want sex,” demands “Time Off and Peace.” “Then you can leave me here, so I can rest.” Other songs aren’t so relaxed, though. Their she-done-you-wrong growling and unexpectedly fierce guitar breaks on “The World Goes Round and Round” and their incandescent harmonizing over the accordion riffs spicing up traditional “La Mucura” should explain why, unlike countless other Lobos acolytes, the Sisters Morales have been found worthy to play among the Wolves. $12-$15, 8pm, Sat, Jan 2, Sam’s Burger Joint, 330 E. Grayson, (210) 223-2830, — Jeremy Martin