Art opening: Animalities

Release Date: 2010-01-13

Animalities is an exhibition of two New York artists exploring how animals might perceive the world. Syracuse-based Chris Wildrick’s “sketches” illustrate how animals might react to certain obstacles in their paths. Always Landing on My Feet, 2009, shows the artist hopping off a porch, rolling off the roof of a car, bouncing off a fire hydrant, and landing on a garbage can. By installing fabricated Longhorns in Unit B’s yard, Brooklyn-based Emily Landon has created a makeshift pasture. In the gallery’s kitchen, guests can slip on one of Landon’s cutout cat masks and watch a video piece that promises to heighten the viewer’s understanding of our four-legged furballs. Free, 6:30-10pm, Unit B (Gallery), 500 Stieren at Cedar, (312) 375-1871,