An Evening at the Theater featuring Dearly Departed

Release Date: 2010-01-27

David Bottrell and Jesse Jones’s play Dearly Departed cleverly turns a dreadful Southern funeral into a screwball comedy. After a healthy breakfast of corn flakes and whiskey, Bud Turpin kicks the bucket, leaving his disgruntled widow Raynelle to plan his service (“Mean and Surly,” is what she intends to have engraved on his headstone). Family scandals and funeral jokes fuel the play’s ruthless satire of Southern families and traditions. Once the dearly departed is laid to rest (in ballet slippers), his dysfunctional successors are left to deal with one another over macaroni and ham loaves. SA Women’s Hall of Fame member Vivienne Elborne will direct this one-night-only production benefitting the Bexar County Family Justice Center. $25, 7:30pm, Charline McCombs Empire Theater, 226 N. St. Mary’s,