The 39 Steps

Release Date: 2010-01-27

The 39 Steps dates to 1915, when Scottish author John Buchan’s adventure novel was first published. In 1935, Alfred Hitchcock adapted the book for his film of the same name. The play closely follows Hitchcock’s film, but amps up the comedic elements and throws in references to Psycho and North by Northwest. In a nutshell, Richard Hannay (a recurring character in Buchan’s novels) flees the scene of a murder after learning about the “39 Steps,” a spy ring led by a man with a missing finger joint. While on the run, Hannay poses as a milkman, leaps from a moving train, and is eventually handcuffed to a woman as part of a conspiracy plot. The play has been described as Monty Python-esque — a mere four actors portray more than 100 characters. $15.75-$55.75, 8pm, Majestic Theatre, 226 East Houston,, runs through Sunday, Feb. 7.