Critic's Pick Release Date: 2010-03-31

Photographer Melanie Rush Davis wowed us during Luminaria (the other bright star: Ed Saavedra, with his unforgettable “Makin’ Copies” performance/installation/art giveaway). Back in some nether reach of the Convention Center, she’d assembled a rotating “filmstrip” of a silhouetted model moving from pose to pose frame by frame, and momentarily assuming the image of a curved pipe (quel Magritte!) A simple strobe-light set up made for a magical, Edison-era cinematic experience with a distinctly feminine touch. Through April 17, you can see the results of Davis turning her sharp eye to a pinhole camera, which she used to make portraits of local poets. The exhibition, called Melanie Rush Davis: Wordworkers, will be up at Deco District diamond Bihl Haus Arts through April 17 in honor of National Poetry Month. bihlhausarts.com. — Sarah Fisch