Lemonade Day

Release Date: 2010-04-28

Don’t be surprised if you notice an inordinate amount of tiny young professionals selling roadside refreshments this Sunday. Lemonade Day is a nationwide initiative designed to teach kids the basics of running a business. Why not start early and plant the seeds that will one day grow into a massive golden umbrella to protect you and your child? As a “caring adult guide” you’ll need to help your wonder-tot register online at sanantonio.lemonadeday.org. Once you receive a user name and password (in a confirmation email), you’ll be able to pick up an Entrepreneur Workbook (from any participating library listed on the website) and the shiny yellow backpack that will hopefully immediately start filling up with the cash needed to secure you a quaint seaside retirement mansion in Cabo. Free, all day Sunday, all over San Antonio, sanantonio.lemonadeday.org