Chevelle, Nico Vega, After Midnight Project, Melovine

Release Date: 2010-05-05

With four bands on one bill, there’s always a chance one of the supporting acts could upstage the headliner. That’ll likely be the case when Chevelle, After Midnight Project, Nico Vega, and Melovine take Scout Bar’s stage this Friday. Although we’ve got nothing against “recovering Catholics” Chevelle (who “accidentally” released their first album on a Christian label, only to join Ozzfest with the likes of Satan-lovers Cradle of Filth), L.A.-based post-grunge hotties APM, or Galveston’s Melovine, but quickly-rising Nico Vega has us particularly excited. The band’s surprisingly varied, guitar-heavy, ’80s-tinged music brings to mind the Yeah Yeah Yeahs for all the right reasons: Whether the song’s thoughtful, angry, raucous, or sad, you can’t deny the gritty power of lead singer Aja Volkman’s multi-dimensional voice (one that frequently gets compared to Janis Joplin’s; check out NV’s song “Medicine Man” to hear why). On a testosterone-fueled night, we’d be willing to bet our first born on Ms. Volkman teaching these hair-product-loving-dudes the true meaning of rock. $30.50, 8pm, Scout Bar, 19314 US Hwy 281 North # 110, (210) 494-7700,