All Leather & Yip-Yip

Critic's Pick Release Date: 2010-05-12

“Loud and trashy” is how you might describe Monday night’s line-up at the Korova. And if the bands at the top of the bill (which also features Búho and Crotch on Fire) heard you, you get the feeling their only objection might be, “We always thought of ourselves as trashy and loud.” Check out the blunt-force single entendres of All Leather song titles such as “I Do It With My Prick Out,” and “When I Grow Up, I Wanna Fuck Like a Girl.” The San Diego-based band takes a primitive approach to electro-rock, structuring songs out of savage drum loops and synthetic squeals. Justin Pearson’s vocals are less subtle than his lyrics, creating an effect that’s like Ghostland Observatory after a handful each of ecstasy and PCP. Winter Park, Florida’s Yip-Yip, on the other hand, are more weird than aggressive. Their cover of Nirvana’s “Very Ape” sounds like it’s being played on a child’s color-coded keyboard by an android that’s spent a bicentennial smoking unfiltered cigarettes. “100 MPH Checker Champ” opens with Satanic backward talk before it rolls down the laser-factory assembly line and transforms into a weapon that will surely be wielded against the surviving human race in the upcoming robot apocalypse. Plus like-minded locals Búho, and Crotch on Fire, who sound a hell of a lot like their name. Bring earplugs. $8, 8pm Mon, May 17, the Korova, 107 E. Martin, — Jeremy Martin