La Mafia Musical Legacy: 30th Anniversary

Critic's Pick Release Date: 2010-05-19

This Sunday, Houston’s multi-Grammy-winning La Mafia will celebrate 30 successful years in the music business. Presented by Univision Radio, “A Music Legacy” will highlight more than 35 albums, with guest appearances by Elida Reyna, Bobby Pulido, Shelly Lares, Ruben Ramos, Los Palominos, Frankie J, and more to be announced. If you’re not muy Mafioso, then you might not know that La Mafia played a huge part in putting the word “Tejano” on the musical map, while adding a dash of multiculturalism to Houston’s otherwise urban music scene. How? Well, they’re considered pioneers in a niche market ? that of Mexican-American bands performing for ginormous crowds in interior Mexico. To an outsider, collaborations with Selena, and (oddly) Cheech and Chong might prove La Mafia’s got serious cred de la calle. As for their magical staying power, it seems they’ve got one priceless formula mastered: love songs you can dance to while tightly gripping your partner of choice. $30.50-$101, 7:30pm, Alamodome, 100 Montana,,