Fear Snake Face & Colt of Us: Early Sunday Sounds BBQ

Fear Snakeface
  • Fear Snakeface
Critic's Pick Release Date: 2010-06-23

Abstract animal-related names and dirty, unapologetic rock ’n’ roll will be the order of the day when these local acts hit Nightrocker Live for an early evening barbecue fundraiser for Snakeface’s upcoming tour. While the Sid St. Onge-fronted Fear Snakeface draws inspiration from four-track garage bands and big-picture indie outfits like Dinosaur Jr., Colt of Us is a pure bar band that combines old blues records with populist rock acts like Creedence Clearwater Revival. Neither seems particularly interested in rock’s current trajectory; both make a persuasive case for ignoring it. Mainstream radio’s no soundtrack for a good-old-fashioned grilling, anyway. After the coals grow cold, the Snakeface boys are skipping town for about a month, hitting El Paso then California and making stops in Tucson and Marfa on the way back home. Wish them well, grab some grub, and remember the days when the Jonas Brothers were nothing more than gleam in some soulless record-exec’s eye. By donation, 5pm Sun, Jun 27, Nightrocker Live, 605 San Pedro, myspace.com/nightrockerpresents.